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Fake Pokemon
Posted 2 months ago


Dragon type

by Smiley-Fakemon

Posted 2 months ago

Hottobun evolves lvl 32 Burvado

by Dragonith

Posted 2 months ago


Mega Qwilfish by FakeMakeT
Steel/Poison with Levitate… genius!

Posted 2 months ago
Posted 2 months ago

Top: Nazcid=Sigilyph prevo

Bottom: Cactud= Maractus prevo

both by:  Smiley-Fakemon

Posted 2 months ago

Fake Mega-evolution’s for alpha sapphire and omega ruby

top source

bottom source

by  Phatmon66

Posted 2 months ago

Hello Everyone :)

Im sorry I have not been updating I have been busy at school but I am off for the summer so I am hoping to keep this blog up to date for you all! 

Please submit and next week I will post our first contest back to the blog :)

Posted 2 months ago
Posted 2 months ago

Left: Mega-Infernape by zerudez

Right: Mega-Infernape by FakeMakeT

Posted 3 months ago

Water / Steel
by Pixel—Pete

Posted 4 months ago

Frugbby (DARK type): Feeding off fear, Frugbby uses its claws to intimidate wanderers.My first fake pokemon! And submission to tumblr. I hope this is right! Anyways, an evolutionary line based on a bugbear, they devour bad dreams and thoughts. Gobbanx (DARK type) : Using its looks, Gobbanx induces nightmares and feasts upon them.

Posted 4 months ago

Here’s my Purvenell redraw! I hope that you like it! :)

Posted 5 months ago

Alpama have the ability to change drastically from the types of berries they eat. Everything from their coat to their type and behaviour is influenced by their diet.”

Alpamaby Lanmana

Posted 5 months ago
Name: Roboe
Type: Fire/Ghost
Roboe are said to be undead bird Pokemon. They are enveloped in cold flames that increase in heat when they get angry. Roboe feed on ashes.
Posted 5 months ago


Charmeeri -> Macabelle